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Cutting-edge technology should make your work easier. Our progressive web app and fully native mobile apps simply deliver. Enjoy a first-class experience across all platforms.
Spacebring progressive web app for coworking space management
Progressive Web App

The digital dimension of your coworking space

Our progressive web app unlocks a whole new level of productivity for you and your customers. It's also your brand's most technologically brilliant expression that will inspire your people to do their best work at your space.
  • Custom domain and branding help build customer loyalty to your coworking space brand.
  • Support for 10 interface languages with AI-powered content translation.
  • Intuitive design and dark mode for the best possible user experience.
  • Responsive design takes full advantage of your screen width so you stay productive on a tiny smartphone or a huge monitor.
  • Push notifications help you never miss important activities.
  • Convenient mobile access by adding a home screen shortcut (availability varies by region).
The Spacebring app provides so much flexibility to our customers, meaning they can be in control of booking and paying with very easy, on-demand access. It has also saved us hours and hours of admin work. We love all the integrated features of the app which means we can integrate our email database, our digital key and billing. The app makes our system so much more efficient.
Laura Agnew, Hatch Hubs
Laura Agnew
Hatch Hubs
Spacebring native mobile apps for coworking space management
Native Mobile Apps

Use and manage your space on the go

Your members and even nonmembers love your mobile apps for the ability to book, pay, and connect with your coworking space from the palm of your hand. But we didn’t stop there. What could be easier than managing a coworking space from your smartphone? Add an extra degree of freedom with mobile apps containing all admin tools.
  • Manage your coworking space on the go.
  • Nonmembers book your shared space on-demand and sign up with the mobile app.
  • Meeting room display mode for signaling room availability at a distance.
  • Visitor display mode for a seamless visitor experience.
  • Keep track of important activities and engage customers with push notifications.
  • Multi-lingual interface with AI-powered content translation.
  • Users unlock Kisi-enabled doors with the mobile app.
  • Your brand’s presence on Apple App Store and Google Play.
Our app enhances the member experience, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence in coworking. It reinforces our credibility by being available on trusted platforms like the App Store and Google Play, with consistent branding across all channels.
Mario Abrego, Workps
Mario Abrego
Well designed and accessible apps by Spacebring coworking space management software
Design & Accessibility

Intuitive and easily accessible for everyone

Our user-friendly and intuitive design is built for all people regardless of age or special requirements. It reduces the learning curve by removing unnecessary barriers and building upon world’s most advanced and data-driven design systems by Apple and Google. Your customers will know how to use the apps before even showing up at your door.
  • Intuitive design by Human Guidelines (iOS) and Material Design 3 (Android).
  • Dark mode to reduce eye stain and save battery.
  • Accessibility features for people of all ages and special requirements.

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