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Introducing Seamless Member Support for Coworking Spaces: Resolve Issues on the Fly

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Introducing Seamless Member Support for Coworking Spaces: Resolve Issues on the Fly
  • andcards is releasing an in-app reporting and ticketing system to optimize member support at coworking spaces.
  • The system provides an easy way for members to share feedback, report issues, and be notified of a solution right inside their favorite coworking space app.
  • Administrators get to know and process issue reports and inquiries much faster, which helps to build better member experiences and make customers happier.

Coworking business is rather complicated to manage. When you work with so many people, suppliers, and partners, something can go wrong at any moment. For instance, members may have trouble with printing due to paper jam or somebody may spill coffee beans all over the kitchen, it may be too hot or too cold in the open space or the front door may not unlock with a smartphone, and so on.

If something goes wrong, you want to be the first to know about it. That’s why successful coworking spaces use issue reporting and tracking solutions. However, using third-party apps for customer support is difficult to adopt and expensive. Besides, to make it effortless to report issues, members should have everything they need within one single app.

We get dozens of support queries from members every month. The speed and quality of support are very important for customers’ happiness and our brand image. Having all customer care tools such as tickets, push notifications, and analytics on the main app will help us be more efficient and take care of our members even better.

Anna Ivanova, operations manager at Kooperativ coworking space

Anna Ivanova, Operations Manager at Kooperativ

That’s why we are introducing a powerful Member Support feature that will help coworking spaces step up their customer service game and won’t cost them a cent. Let’s take a look at the key benefits the new solution from andcards brings coworking space administrators and members.

Benefits for members:

  • An easy way to share feedback and report issues. Members use their favorite coworking space app to share feedback, report issues, and be notified about the resolution, which is really comfortable.
  • Real-time view of the resolution progress for a support ticket. Members can track  issues reported without having to ask the administrator. They are notified through the app each time the new activity occurs and see the name of the administrator that’s assigned to it, along with the ticket service history. This helps members be sure their needs are being addressed promptly.

Key benefits of Member Support for flexible workspace administrators:

  • Better support = Happier members. A ticketing system and a shared inbox for member inquiries allows administrators to receive, organize and respond to support tickets right from the coworking management app interface.
  • Faster response. With push notifications on their smartphones and web applications, administrators get to know about members’ problems immediately and start to resolve them straight away.
  • Better overview of the current issues. With detailed issues history and clear categorization, managers always have a big picture of the problems members are currently experiencing. They can prioritize the most urgent ones and select the best approach to each case at a glance.
  • Issue analysis. Managers can regularly check support statistics data on andcards Analytics page. This will help to identify repeated issues and prevent them as well as monitor customer satisfaction with support.

Member Support is coming at no extra cost to all andcards customers. If you are not a customer yet,  book a demo call with our product expert to see how andcards works.

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