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How to Analyze Your Coworking Website to Improve Space Popularity & Conversion

Adam Kiss
How to Analyze Your Coworking Website to Improve Space Popularity & Conversion

With the spread of flexible workspaces, more and more people have embarked on such a company and over time, the creation of coworking websites is becoming more and more valuable.

The growing number of businesses has provided the perfect foundation for the competition and growing demand. In this situation, the importance of websites, marketing, and measurements also increases. You need to put more and more emphasis on these to stand out from your competitors.

The question is, how can you be efficient in a rapidly expanding market with your website?

The answer is continuous measurements and the use of heatmaps. In the following, you can read about how you can use these tools effectively to close the year with a profit.

Why Should You Make Measurements?

Each analytics tool plays a prominent role even if you just want to start your own coworking space website and you’ve already embarked on one such venture.

This is important because based on the information you have extracted, you can figure out what you need to change on your website, what elements you need to include, and what indicators you need to improve on.

If you are not aware of these metrics then unfortunately we have to say that your website will not be effective. It will also impact the success of your company.

Let's see what elements you should consider during the measurement:

  • Conversion rate
  • Well performing elements
  • Elements that perform poorly
  • The behavior of your visitors
  • The source from which your visitors come
  • Your products and services

If you keep analyzing these metrics, you can be sure that your website, and therefore your flexible workspace, will be very popular.

You must have wondered what products or services we are talking about. Since you provide an office for people.

When analyzing your website, put your product at the center. That is, the office itself that you hire out. Feel free to think in this manner.

Also, focus on each of your services, so the tools can be found in your space. This could be a printer, a computer or even the atmosphere you provide. These will give you an advantage over your competitors, which you should definitely emphasize and analyze on your website as well.

But how would you start the analysis? Let's see the point.

Big data

Coworking space managers analyzing workspace website

Measuring a website always starts with collecting quantitative data. In this case, you gather information such as the amount of traffic to your website or even the percent of your conversion rate.

Of course, it’s important to note that for a coworking space site that the traffic on the website may not be equal to your actual traffic. Just think about it, the measurement may have shown that your site had traffic of 100 people per month.

As a result, 200 people may have used your services physically. That is, 200 people, paid you a monthly fee to work in your space.

Your website traffic is about potential customers. They are the people who are interested in you and want to work that way.

This is very important to note for large amounts of data and for the measurement itself.

But what do these data actually show and why do you have to deal with them? Let's see one by one:

  • Conversion rate: The conversion rate in your case, like any other website, shows the effectiveness of your page.

It shows all the actions that are useful to you. This can be the case, for example, when someone rents out a place in your office. Or if someone signs up for your newsletter.

Your goal with this metric is to be as high as possible. The higher the number of bookings and the more potential customers you can count on.

  • Sources: Considering the resources, you can find out where your visitors are coming from to your website. This is of paramount importance when launching any marketing campaign. Make sure to check metrics such as eCPM, CLTV, etc.

If you see the most traffic coming from social media platforms, you have to increase the intensity of your ads there. It can also generate more traffic and entice more people to your coworking space.

  • Website usage time: How long they use your website reflects how much interest you have aroused in people. The more time they spend on your website, the more information they will know about you which will generate trust.

The more they trust you and the more information they have about you, the more likely they will use your services.

As you can see, the quantitative data from your website can also be very useful in the life of your coworking space. The easiest way is to use Google Analytics, as this tool shares all of the important information with you.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

Let the Measurement Be an Experience

By collecting quantitative data, you get a comprehensive picture of the performance of your website. But what if you see that one of the indicators is not showing good values?

Let’s say you see that people only stay on your website for a very short time and your conversion rate also shows a declining trend. What to do?

This is when some of the more creative tools for collecting quality data come up. These methods will help you find out exactly what caused a particular indicator to deteriorate.

It also answers the ways in which you could improve each metric. Sounds good right?

If you want to collect quantitative data, we strongly recommend that you use heatmaps.

Heatmap for coworking space analysis

Heatmaps show how your coworking office website is used by the users. What subpages do they visit often, which service or product they are most interested in?

This information is very important as being aware of it can help you attract more potential customers to your website. In addition, you can optimize your website with the help of heatmap analysis, which will result that more people will visit your coworking space.

Let's see what data heatmap analysis gives you and how you can use these:

Click Heatmaps

Click heatmaps to show you which are the popular and the less popular parts of your website. It shows which part of your page your visitors click on more often and which parts they visit rarely.

Popular sections are marked with warm colors and less popular sections are marked with cold colors.

With this information in mind, you can find out which of your services your visitors are most interested in. Do they want to use your office because of the atmosphere? Or because of modern computers? Heatmaps show it.

After the measurement, you have to remove the poorer performing elements from your website and prioritize the popular parts.

Prioritize your services that performed well during the measurement, place these at the top of that subpage. This saves your visitors from having to browse your website for a long time, right from the start.

Segment Heatmaps

Segment heatmaps show how visitors from each source use your website. Segments from different sources are marked with different colors.

Why is this important to you? Because each source perfectly reflects the visitors to your shared workspace. You can also find out which platforms you should advertise your office on.

If you see that most of your traffic comes from search engines to your website then you should advertise your business with PPC ads. This can also increase the traffic to your website and office.

Segment heatmaps also play an important role in optimizing your website and placing ads on your site. With this technique, you can target your banner ads perfectly.

Scroll Heatmaps

This method basically shows how long your website is scrolled by users. For example, you can use it to place links to the most popular places on your blog interface.

It is important to place links that provide information about your coworking space. The purpose of this is to provide information to your potential customers.

Remember, the competition is growing in this market and the best way to get customers is to provide as much information about yourself as possible.

This reduces the feeling of insecurity in people as this factor always appears during a purchase or rent. You can also speed up the decision-making process and make sure they choose you over your competitors.

If you can achieve these, your office will be used by more people and your revenue will increase. In addition, the conversion rate of your website will show an increasing tendency.

You can do all this if you use scroll heatmaps. What a well-placed link can do, right?


As you can see, website analysis is important not only in the life of your online business but also if you run a coworking space, for example.

With the help of measurements, you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business. With this information, you can optimize your website and your business too.

For an effective measurement, we recommend that you use a combination of quantitative and qualitative measurement techniques. By this we mean, that use Google Analytics and heatmaps together, for example.

Need more tips on how to promote your coworking space online? Check out this article: 9 Simple Tips to Market Your Coworking Space Online.

The article was written by Adam Kiss, the Content Marketing Manager of, a full-scale website analytics tool. Adam is currently working in the field of SEO, but he is also interested in the areas of social media. He also has his own Facebook page that they run with his peers.

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