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7 Tips to Attract Hybrid Workers to Your Coworking Space

Nicole Garrison
7 Tips to Attract Hybrid Workers to Your Coworking Space

In the post-pandemic work setting, coworking spaces are becoming more necessary and in demand. The remote workforce is growing stronger by the day, and companies are slowly giving up on the idea of having all of their employees back in the office. This is why, as a coworking space owner, you now have more competition than ever. It's your task, then, to find a way to attract all kinds of workers to your coworking space, including hybrid workers.

Hybrid workers comprise a large percentage of coworking spaces' target audience, so you need to build a strategy on how to get their attention. This article breaks down everything you need to know about bringing more hybrid workers into your coworking space.

Who Are Hybrid Workers?

As we've already mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic created a significant shift in the way companies and their employees cooperate. Remote work has been around even before the pandemic, but it gained serious momentum during and after it.

However, the pandemic also brought to light a new type of remote worker - the hybrid worker. So, who are hybrid workers?

Hybrid workers are those employees who have the choice of whether they'll work from the office inside company buildings, their home, or any other convenient place. Typically, hybrid workers don't select one option to stick to, but rather combine these options depending on what suits them the most each day or week.

Also, they have the flexibility to choose when they’ll work, based on their motivation and productivity.

Simply put, hybrid workers get to choose the terms of their everyday work to maximize their productivity.

Why Target Hybrid Workers?

If you’re not sure whether hybrid workers would be your target audience or not, you need to look at statistics:

  • 63% of high-revenue growth companies embrace hybrid workers.
  • 68% of American workers find the perfect work model to be working both remotely and on-site is.
  • Face-to-face interruptions from colleagues are the most common source of distraction in the workplace.

It’s clear that this specific group of people will grow to become the majority when it comes to employment status and you need to turn your focus on them. Otherwise, you'll miss a huge opportunity to increase the number of coworking space users and bring your business to the next level.

Tips to Attract Hybrid Workers

With a huge number of coworking spaces all over the globe, and more and more being opened every day, you clearly have a lot of competition. This is why you need to do everything that's in your power to stand out and offer high-quality services.

The guide below will help you ensure your coworking space ticks all the right boxes for hybrid workers. Here are practical tips on how to get them to choose your coworking space.

1. Facilitate Flexibility

Hybrid workers chose this type of employment because it allows them to have the best of both worlds. How? Because they choose and create their work arrangement, and shape their workdays based on their needs.

So, flexibility is key for this target group and you need to facilitate it in your coworking space.

It’s actually quite simple, you should offer 24/7 availability of the workspace. Or, at least set your work hours to be from early morning to late evening so that everyone can use it freely, without having to adjust.

Being this flexible is the number one priority for hybrid workers choosing a coworking space since it imposes no limitations on them.

While the media focuses on elders and their ability to perform jobs at any time, employers are finding that hybrid workers have an even greater benefit. This type of flexibility allows them to use indoor tracking so they can be more productive while staying within your company's schedule.

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2. Alternate Between Home & Office

If you want hybrid workers to gain interest in your coworking space, you need to make it worth their time and energy. This means you have to take what's best from working in an office as well as from home and combine it into one.

Hybrid workers will expect:

  • a quiet place where they can focus and work
  • a friendly corner for informal office conversations

This way, they get to have everything they need, when they need it. It’s a huge advantage of coworking spaces that you can never stress enough.

3. Have a Pleasant Interior

The typical office space isn't as friendly or cozy as most of us would like. In fact, the unnatural light, lack of fresh air, or home-like details is what drives most people further from them. So, make sure your coworking space isn't just another typical office.

Instead, offer a pleasant and inspiring interior that will help hybrid workers find the focus they need while feeling relaxed and comfortable, almost like at home.

To do this, you’ll need:

  • natural light and possibly a lot of windows
  • great ventilation
  • plants and greenery
  • small details such as bookshelves, paintings, or posters
  • open-air areas for socializing and resting

Make your coworking space as pleasant and natural as possible, to ensure hybrid workers don't choose to stay home instead.

4. Install Creative Seating Arrangement

Hybrid workers will want to see flexibility in the seating arrangement you've got in your coworking space. They want to see options and to be able to sit in the type of chairs they like most. They'll also want to be able to switch between different types of seating, based on their specific needs.

member at a coworking space

So, you should try and combine all the typical coworking seating arrangements:

  • cafe-style benches and round tables
  • ergonomic office chairs
  • cozy armchairs
  • office booths
  • individual desks
  • standing desks
  • hot desking
  • beanbags

This way, you're not only creating flexible seating arrangements but allowing hybrid workers of different professions and daily needs to find their fit. You can have a team of designers working in one corner, and a tech engineer working in another.

5. Enable Social Distancing

Social distancing was the main reason why so many employees switched to remote work. Today, it’s still one of the main reasons they choose to stay at home.

But, there are so many hybrid workers who would rather work in a coworking space but fear due to the coronavirus. This is why your coworking space needs to enable social distancing for those who need it.

So, make sure to:

  • label the number of people allowed in the room
  • ask everyone to wear a mask inside
  • be a safe place for those avoiding crowded offices

If you emphasize safety and social distancing as a priority, people will feel safe to come and work in your coworking space. Hybrid workers will then be able to relax, enjoy the at-home atmosphere while working productively.

6. Secure Designated Spaces for 1 to 1 Conversation

When a company allows remote & hybrid work, most employees embrace this model. That means that teams of people who are working together, oftentimes don't see each other in person for a long time. So, they need to have conference calls or 1 to 1 conversations.

Your hybrid-friendly coworking space has to secure a designated area where these calls can be held. Hybrid workers will want to freely talk to their remote colleagues and be able to have a quick chat when necessary.

So, you’ll need to have sound-proof booths, skype, or meeting rooms that will allow them to do so. This would be a huge advantage for hybrid workers since they won’t have to think about their work schedule to decide whether to come and work from the coworking space that day.

7. Embrace Social Media Ads

Social media is still one of the most powerful marketing tools for reaching a specific target audience today. You can and should start using it to target hybrid workers and get them to join your coworking space.

You’ll need to:

  • choose social media platforms they’re most active on
  • write creative and attractive content
  • promote your coworking space using images (you can use an online image editor to create professional designs)and videos
  • share user-generated content
  • create sponsored ads

This way, you'll be able to tell a story and not just advertise. You will show hybrid workers exactly what they can expect in your coworking space - the atmosphere, equipment, amenities, people, and more. It will also allow your current users to share your content and invite their colleagues and friends to join.

If you need help writing or editing your content, find it online. There are proofreading services reviews you should read to choose the best.

Final Thoughts

Attracting hybrid workers to your coworking space is a major goal that you need to invest in. Achieving it isn't easy, but it's far from impossible. All you need is a strategic plan and dedication.

The 7 tips we’ve shared in this article will help you quickly increase the number of your coworking space users and get more hybrid workers to become a part of your community. Start applying them today!

The article was written by Nicole Garrison, an HR specialist, and a blogger. She’s also an editor at the best online essay writing service. In her articles, she focuses on giving career, networking, and recruiting advice.

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