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12 Top Online Coworking Resources to Follow in 2022

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
12 Top Online Coworking Resources to Follow in 2022

No matter how busy you are running your coworking network, you want to be aware of all tendencies, opinions, and innovations in the market. Most of the strategic solutions you take depend on the ton of factors—niche competition, technology, economy, demand, etc.

There is no lack of information these days. Just the opposite, big data deranges our brains. In some moments we stop to distinguish true and false, momentous and flimflam. This article is aimed to facilitate your search for red herrings. What I am going to do is supply you with a bunch of awesome online coworking resources to follow.

In this compilation, I have included only those digital publications that can bring your coworking business some value. They will inform you of all coworking space and marketing trends, enlarge your business knowledge, and even give some opportunities for promotion.

1. Coworking Resources

Coworking Resources is an online publication that provides comprehensive guides for coworking space owners advising how to run a coworking business more efficiently. The web resource delivers information that helps coworkers find workplaces around the world, the latest industry news, and expert insights from authoritative coworking space owners.

2. Coworker

If you are running a coworking space you surely want to feature your network on Coworker. The website allows entrepreneurs to search, find, and in some cases, reserve shared workspace rentals in different countries around the globe. You can showcase shared office rental options available at your space and outline their amenities to promote them. Besides, you can monitor your competitors looking through the lists of coworking hubs near you and studying their facilities to roll out better solutions on the market.

3. Coworking Smarts

This is a one-stop information resource for coworking space owners and managers for all things related to growing their businesses and making their members happy. Run by Spacebring team, Coworking Smarts Blog is aimed at bringing common coworking space problems, such as revenue increase, workspace promotion, attracting new members, and more into the spotlight and offering non-trivial approaches to solving them. Here you will find inspirational success stories of coworking spaces from all over the globe, the latest technology showcases, the newest flexible workspace trends, smart marketing lifehacks, and so much more.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

4. Deskmag

Deskmag is an online magazine about the current flexible work style, coworking spaces, their look, functioning, improvements, and members. The journal has a special focus on coworking centers that host new innovative breed of independent workers and small companies.

5. Coworking Mag

Coworking Mag is a digital platform focused on the coworking concept and publishing interesting information for coworkers and coworking spaces. Online magazine covers various topics related to coworking, from general info articles to coworking news & events, from coworking spaces around the globe to futuristic trends.

6. Allwork

Allwork.Space is an online resource dedicated to coworking as the future of work. The core mission of the publication is to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the flexible collaborative style of work and to prepare for it. They assist freelancers by posting daily editorial content that takes multiple forms — in-depth features, interviews, news updates, and the Future Of Work Podcast.


SNEED is an online technology platform aimed to connect coworking venues with customers that are looking for a better alternative to long term leases and rental offices. They are aggregating spaces available at business centers, coworking spaces, shared offices, hotels, lounges, cafes, training facilities, etc.

Besides, SNEED is also running a blog where they publish stories, news, and tips by the coworking community.

8. Dangerously Awesome

Dangerously Awesome blog is run by Alex Hillman, a community builder and a coworking pioneer, a founder of the Indy Hall community. His website is packed with the lessons and examples Alex learned along his life and business way. The topics of his articles and podcasts include all aspects of starting and managing a coworking space. For instance, you can get to know how much will it cost to start a coworking space, how to fund it, how to hire good managers, what is a community and how to build it, and so on.

9. Coworkies

Coworkies blog is a global job board for coworking spaces and their communities. The resource is aimed to support the needs of coworkers and coworking professionals. For that purpose, Coworkies team travels across coworking spaces to research and understand the future of workplaces and tell their readers true stories of coworking businesses all over the world.

They explore the impact of coworking on cities and meet with different coworking communities. Then Coworkies tell about their experience of visiting workplaces on the blog which gives readers an opportunity to get informed and inspired.

As of today, they visited 47 cities around the world, from New York to Paris, New Delhi to Tokyo and found out that all of them share one thing in common. All of them have active coworking communities. So, don't miss a chance to get acquainted with their unique stories.

10. WorkDesign Magazine

Work Design Magazine is a digital publishing group dedicated to exploring the evolution of workplace culture, research, and design. The research project was founded in the summer of 2010 by Bob Fox, the owner of FOX Architects architecture and interior design firm. With the help of Stephanie Hay, a content and UX specialist and magazine's founding editor, they put together several articles about the future of work and circulated them among local leaders in the workplace industry.

Today, the readership of Work Design Magazine has grown to over 70,000 designers, architects, facility managers, manufacturers, dealers, workplace strategists, end-users, and consultants. The publication serves its readers with weekly content, e-newsletters, in-person panel discussions, custom case studies, and videos.

11. Subreddit Coworking

There is a subreddit for every topic including coworking of course. I advise you to join Reddit - CoWorking to communicate and share the experience with coworking operators and influencers from all over the world. Here you can discuss anything associated with coworking business improvement — workplace design, retaining members, productivity increase, coworking software, and more.

12. Facebook Group/Page

How many social profiles do you have? I guess the answer will be more than three;-). It's difficult to imagine our life without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will be easier for you to track the latest coworking industry tends if you subscribe to a Facebook group(s)/page(s) that resonates with your interests the most. Being notified about new publications and discuss the news with peers is much more engaging than just reading blog post publications. Besides, participating in online coworking communities is a smart way to boost brand authority, establish partnerships and promote your services. To make a long story short, Spacebring page is the right one to join if you are interested in the latest coworking software news, workplace automation, coworking industry news, trends, space and revenue growth.

Over to You

These were my top digital coworking resources to follow. You surely know some of them and maybe even track their publications regularly.

Don't forget to share this info with your friends as they also want to be updated on all industry fluctuations.

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