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Introducing Events: Make It Easy to Be Together

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Introducing Events: Make It Easy to Be Together
  • andcards now enables coworking spaces to build community more efficiently by making workspace events accessible for members right inside the app.
  • The feature allows to showcase and curate community events making them easy to discover and join for members.

andcards coworking space platform is releasing an event management system available inside the main product at no extra cost. This solves many problems related to events organizing, promotion, and management for andcards customers.

Now, community managers can effortlessly curate an appealing events feed at a coworking space and members can easily discover upcoming events, get all necessary details, and join in a click.

“For us as space, from a marketing point of view, to have Events management feature on andcards is to immediately make it clear that we not only provide a place to work but also have other benefits for the community. This emphasizes the added value of services we provide our members and gives weight to our projects.” - Zlata Svyda, Community Manager at Kooperativ, Kyiv.

The main benefit of events management solution on andcards is that it helps managers make their community-building events impossible to miss for members.

Here’s how it works:

The manager adds the upcoming events to the feed, supplies them with attractive cover photos, texts, and links. They can also create a Feed post encouraging members to check out the recently added events. Upon receiving a push notification, members go and see all these changes in the same app they already use for bookings. This is the easiest way for members to get information about upcoming events and join them.

“I like the ‘Events’ feature on andcards because it is very easy to create and edit events inside the app. Now, people can not only easily discover the events but also see their timelines. We don't host events too often, so it's important for us to show our members what events have been held in the past.” - Minyoung Choi, Director at Creative Workroom TTP, Seoul.

andcards events management solution for coworking spaces

The functionality opens up new opportunities for coworking businesses:

  • Streamline events experience. Admins don’t have to use another third-party app to manage events at a coworking space. Similarly, members don’t have to download one more app to apply for an event they wish. Everything happens within the familiar coworking space platform both members and admins already use.
  • Add value to membership. A healthy community is the main attraction of a modern flexible workspace, so wise operators invest lots of resources into building it. The most actionable way to strengthen a communal vibe is to carry out various fun events that bring members together. With events solution members are always in the center of activities, which allows them to cherry-pick community perks and enjoy their memberships more.
  • Improve member experience. Since administrators know exactly how many residents are coming to join the event, they can prepare much better (order snacks and beverages, place enough seats, etc.) Then, they can analyze event performance with the help of an Analytics solution which will give a better understanding of members’ preferences and allow to deliver exactly what they need next time.
  • New revenue opportunities. If you host paid events at your workspace, you can even sell tickets to members right inside one and the same app. Instantly accept payments by credits, cards, or invoice, which is very convenient both for managers and members.

Find out more info about events management solution and its benefits for flexible workspaces on andcards website or book a demo call with product experts to learn more about andcards.

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