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Introducing Chats

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Introducing Chats
  • andcards releases one-on-one chats that, in addition to the community feed, close the communication loop at a coworking space, making messaging easier than ever.
  • Chats enable coworking spaces to consolidate all personal communication between users and admins in one app and own this communication.
  • Built into a coworking space app, chats provide a unique industry-specific experience that can’t otherwise be achieved with a separate chatting app. For example, chatting with event attendees or visitors.

Communication with customers is vital for the coworking space business. Hence, managers have to be inventive to stay connected to customers. Like building workarounds using standalone sophisticated communication apps that include Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and whatnot, to keep everyone within reach.

The workarounds do the trick but come with a solid pack of drawbacks. For instance, if a team member uses personal WhatsApp and leaves, all customer chats become inaccessible. Or facing the challenge of contacting an external customer, space visitor, or event attendee that sometimes feels like dashing against the rock.

Enter Chats, an integrated solution for coworking customer communication. It’s easy to use and seamlessly integrated with your coworking space apps—something only andcards can do.

How Chats Work

At first glance, Chats take a lot of cues from the apps you’re already used to. Chats feel familiar and fast. Built right into your coworking space apps, Chats work on iPhones, iPads (we’re looking at you, WhatsApp!), Android devices, and modern browsers, seamlessly synchronizing in real time.

Chats on andcards coworking space software

Power up your coworking space app and navigate to the new Chats page to message admins, members, visitors, event attendees, or even external customers. Of course, the icon has an unread counter, so you are always aware of the new conversations. New messages are delivered with push notifications and instant updates, so you don’t need to worry about missing something or reloading the page to see recent conversations. You can unsend messages by deleting them.

Chatting with our members allows us to meet their needs faster and more efficiently. It also helps our members connect to each other. That's what a community is all about—making connections that will ultimately help everyone accomplish their goals.
Elizabeth Gay, Ìpàdé
Elizabeth Gay

Here are the key benefits coworking spaces get with the brand-new Chats.

andcards Chats: Benefits for Coworking Spaces

  • The easiest way to contact your people. No guessing how to contact a customer, no switching between the apps. You just use your own branded app to send a message to any customer, be it a member, a visitor, or an event attendee.
  • All correspondence with customers is consolidated in one place. Since Chats reside inside your main coworking space app, you can always find all team and customer conversations there.
  • Communication with customers is protected and belongs to you. Administrators come and go, but their entire messaging history with customers stays in your app, encrypted and protected.
  • One more way to enhance loyalty to your brand. Using your custom branded white label app for everything coworking, including instant messages, helps to reinforce customers’ bonds with your brand.
  • More networking opportunities. If you are interested in fostering a community, Chats can facilitate that, as there is nothing easier for coworkers than sending a brief message to a like-minded member of the community directory.
Chats on andcards coworking management software

Better than Third-party Messengers

  • Unique coworking-specific features. Deep integration into your coworking platform means you get a direct line of communication with anyone who comes across your app.
    • Has a registered visitor just checked in? Let them know you’re coming.
    • Has an external booker just booked a room? Ask if they’d like catering.
    • Has someone joined your event? Follow up with a welcome message.
  • Less switching between apps. Third-party messengers can’t sync with your members and force you and your customers to juggle between multiple apps, stealing time and energy. Having chats in your coworking space app eliminates unnecessary apps and actions. Oh, and have you already discovered how hard it is to force every member to download a new chat app? With andcards, people get chats in the same app already used for room booking, events, and support.
  • One app for everyone. Chats in your branded app are for everyone, not just a selected group that joined your dedicated messaging app. You don’t have to figure out customers' nicknames to contact them. Likewise, members and non-members can shoot a message to the administrator whenever they have a question requiring instant assistance.
  • 100% brand consistency. There is a better way to maintain brand consistency than sending customers to Slack, Telegram, or WhatsApp. With Chats, you won’t have to do it anymore; you’ll keep all those valuable conversations under your own brand’s umbrella.

How to Get Chats?

Just like all other incredible features, Chats are coming to all andcards customers at no extra cost at the end of this week.

Not an andcards customer yet? Book your demo with our product expert right now to learn more and upgrade. No time for a personalized demo? Take a quick six-minute product tour to see if andcards is a good fit for your space.

P.S. A brief article is surely not enough to describe all benefits and use cases of this incredible feature for your coworking space. Sign up for the free webinar that will take place on November 29 to savor all details.

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