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How to Manage Deliveries at Your Coworking Space

Katie Kistler
How to Manage Deliveries at Your Coworking Space

Amid the rise of remote working and the decline of traditional offices, coworking spaces have been thriving. One of the most appealing perks of your coworking space is that it accommodates both individual workers and businesses to operate as they please.

This is thanks to your space accommodating all types of workers:

  • Remote employees
  • Freelancers
  • Hybrid workers looking to work collaboratively

And because coworking spaces are highly cost-effective, businesses can offload their operational expenses, such as rent collection for traditional office spaces.

As a coworking space owner, your priorities must meet your growing client base’s needs. Today, business owners and individual workers rely on online shopping to run successful companies and maximize their productivity. Therefore, a growing part of your job is ensuring convenient and secure delivery management. As a result, implementing an adequate package and mail management system is paramount to smoothly running a coworking space.

To do this, you must choose a delivery management system that is convenient, reliable, secure and as versatile and dynamic as your coworking space. You need to consider the cost, possible system automation, space, and options for management software.

But before diving into different ways to manage deliveries, let’s go over what package management is and why it’s important.

What is Package Management?

Deliveries management at a coworking space

Package management refers to the ways buildings accommodate package delivery, storage, and distribution. While many package management systems advertise for residential properties, some are also perfect for coworking spaces.

As a coworking space owner or manager, you need a designated spot to securely store packages until your members retrieve them. You also need a method for your staff to organize, process, and distribute these packages efficiently.

If you don’t have a delivery management system, you’ll run into problems, including:

  • Lost or stolen packages
  • Rescheduled or missed package deliveries
  • Wasting staff’s valuable time on accepting, organizing, and distributing packages

Top Considerations for Choosing a Delivery Management System

For your commercial coworking space, implementing a robust system that’ll manage package deliveries for clients is paramount. But before choosing a package management system, you must evaluate your needs and establish your non-negotiable requirements for such a system. While there are many benefits of using a delivery management system, there are also some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing one.

Key criteria to consider:

  • Security: You need a system with controlled access to reduce the chance of parcel theft.
  • Space: The space must be large enough for the volume of packages your coworking space currently receives and scalable to future growth in delivery volume.
  • Cost: You’ll need to pay for the package delivery system installation, software, and maintenance. As such, determining your budget upfront will save you in the long run.
  • Time: Does your staff have the time to sort mail and packages? If not, a system that allows couriers to sort deliveries themselves may be best.

Establish the desired features of a system:

  • Adaptability: If your coworking space clients rarely order large packages, you may need less storage space and vice versa. Regardless, the storage area should be able to store oddly-shaped boxes.
  • Access: Who gets access to your package delivery system? And how? Each system has different access features, so determine your access requirements beforehand.
  • Notifications: You’ll need to establish a system that notifies your members when they receive a package. The best delivery management systems automate this for you.

Three Package Management Systems to Consider

You’ve decided you need a package management system at your coworking space – but what are your options? Here are the top three package delivery systems for coworking spaces.

Mailboxes in a coworking space

1. Mailrooms and Mailboxes

Mailrooms and mailboxes are the oldest forms of package and delivery management — yet, they still are effective systems for certain buildings. A mailroom can be any small, restricted room within a coworking space office. And mailboxes are usually installed in the hallway or lobby.

This system allows couriers to drop packages in a mailroom. Then, your staff sorts the mail into boxes. Mailboxes are typically large enough to accommodate envelopes and small packages. However, larger packages won’t fit into mailboxes, so you’ll have to alert your tenants to pick them up. You’ll also have to store the packages until they do.

Although mailrooms and mailboxes are a reliable way to manage packages, they lack the convenience and features that modern alternatives offer. For example, your staff must sort the mail and alert members of larger packages.

Instead, opt for an automated system like package lockers or a package room that’ll help your staff focus on other tasks that keep your coworking space running smoothly,

2. Package Lockers

Package lockers are multi-compartment storage systems that allow couriers to place each package in a separate locker. They’re typically installed in a convenient communal space that all members can access, such as a front hallway or lobby.

Package lockers include various compartment sizes, suitable for boxes of varying dimensions. But unfortunately, bigger packages may not fit into a locker, requiring you to store the deliveries yourself until coworking members pick them up.

Here are popular smart package lockers often found at coworking spaces:

  • ParcelPoint
  • Smiota
  • Amazon Hub
  • AirLocker
  • WIB Smart Locker
  • Luxer One

How package lockers work at coworking spaces

A delivery courier enters the building using your separate access control system and begins placing packages into appropriate locker compartments. There’ll be a control panel at the lockers for the courier to log onto using a unique PIN code.

Then, the courier selects the recipient, scans the package, and places it into the designated compartment. When each locker is closed, the system automatically locks it.

Finally, the package locker system sends a notification to the recipient, which includes a PIN or a QR code that’ll unlock the compartment.

With this system, your coworking space members can pick up their packages at any time during operating hours.

3. Package Room

A package room is a specific area in your coworking space where couriers can deliver packages and members can pick up parcels themselves. To prevent parcel theft, place an access control system next to the package room. This way, only authorized couriers, residents, and building staff can access the room.

What’s more, high-quality package rooms are protected by a mobile-based video intercom. This allows couriers to enter the package room with a PIN code and members to enter using their smartphone app. The mobile app grants access only when members have received a package.

To install a package room, you just need an empty room such as a large closet or private office where access can be restricted. Consider placing a few shelves in the room to store packages in an organized way. You should also install a surveillance camera in the package room to discourage package theft.

Here are the most popular choices for package rooms in coworking spaces:

  • ButterflyMX
  • Package Concierge
  • Parcel Pending

How a package room works

Delivery couriers gain access to the package room via the access control system, typically by entering a PIN code or requesting access via a video call through an intercom.

Good package rooms require couriers to mark which members have packages delivered. This way, members receive an automatic text or email notification alerting them of the delivery.

Unlike package lockers or mailrooms, couriers simply leave packages in the room. Your coworking space members can pick up their packages anytime during operating hours.

Optimize operations of your coworking space and help users get your services with just a few taps

How to Pick a Package Management Software

Keeping deliveries organized requires more than just secure storage space. You also need to invest in package management software to automate the process and ensure the correct member picks up their respective packages.

In short, the software works in conjunction with your package management system to simplify the intake and distribution of deliveries. This software allows you to scan packages, automatically send delivery notifications to your clients, and mark which deliveries have been retrieved.

The best package management systems come with their own unique software. However, if you choose a system without built-in software, you’ll have to invest in one separately.

Luckily, there are plenty of software options available, including:

  • EZTrackIt
  • Cigo
  • WorkWave Route Manager
  • Notifii
  • QTrak

What’s the Best Package Delivery System for My Coworking Space?

Now that you’re familiar with the features of package management systems, you need to examine your coworking space’s unique needs.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing a package delivery system:

  • How much extra space do I have to store packages?
  • What’s my budget for one-time and recurring fees?
  • How often do my coworking space members receive deliveries?
  • Does my coworking space cater more to individual remote workers or entire businesses?
  • Will an automated delivery system benefit my coworking space and members’ experience?

The answers to those questions will guide you in determining the perfect package delivery system for your coworking space.


As the demand for coworking spaces grows, so does the need for efficient package and delivery management systems. While many coworking space members are individual remote workers, more businesses than ever before operate entirely out of shared offices today.

Your coworking space amenities must meet the evolving needs of these individuals and businesses. And the most in-demand amenity is a well-organized and secure package management system.

As a coworking space owner, one of your principal goals is to grow your space by attracting new members.

You can appeal to this new market of coworking space clientele by:

  • Investing in package management software that automates deliveries.
  • Implementing a system that empowers members to retrieve packages at their own convenience.
  • Installing a solution that prevents parcel theft.

This article was written by Katie Kistler. Katie is a content writer at ButterflyMX, the real estate industry’s first-ever unified property access solution powered by a mobile app. She is passionate about writing content that teaches property managers and owners how property technology can transform their spaces.

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