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How to Create Super Flex Office at Your Coworking Space

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan
How to Create Super Flex Office at Your Coworking Space

As a coworking of flexible space operator, you are driving your business to the future through all the bumps, such as Covid, you meet on the way. You hear experts discuss the concept of a “hybrid workforce,” a relatively new employment strategy of companies that mixes in-office and remote work.

Much to the dismay of shared office operators, companies moved to 100% remote workstyle during lockdowns, rendering offices obsolete. Google, Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, Square, and many other corporations have announced either extended remote work for employees or even allowed people to work from home indefinitely.

percent of remote workers over time: Spacebring graph

Evolution of remote working population over time (Google)

On the flip side, experts and entrepreneurs believe that offices aren’t going to disappear.

“The online experience today isn’t as good at that kind of casual thing before and after the meeting or just kind of hanging out. Now, some of that can be improved. But I don’t think we’ll completely eliminate having those foundation offices and people come in and do face to face meetings.” — said Bill Gates to CNBC.

As companies crawl back from all-remote lockdowns, office spaces are back in business. Not all employees can collaborate as productively at home as they would in the office. Much like Bill Gates, industry experts believe that offices will transform into collaborative spaces where people come together when they need to.

"We firmly believe that in-person, being together, having that sense of community, is super important for whenever you have to solve hard problems, you have to create something new," — said Pichai during an interview for Time 100.

Is your coworking space or flex office ready for the future? How can you evolve your office products to accommodate the remote work trend? The answer is simple.

Super Flex Office

A super flex office is a workspace for companies with a hybrid workforce. For example, a company with 100 employees can rent an office with only 30 desks. Employees book a desk and come whenever they need to collaborate and meet, never exceeding the limit of thirty persons at once.

Availability of desks at a coworking space by office and in the open space on Spacebring coworking space software

For your coworking space or flex office business, a super flex office is a new product that gives customers what they need and helps you expand the target market post-COVID.

For potential customers, a super flex office is an opportunity to have a permanent basecamp and offer its employees a comfortable workspace on-demand.

Best of all, this new product can be effectively organized using your existing workspace and IT infrastructure. How to get started?

Schedule a personal demo to discover how Spacebring could benefit your shared space business

Super Flex Office Product at Coworking Spaces

Get started by putting together a small business plan:

  • Workspace. Put together a list of available office spaces and desks to offer. Design a system that will allow tenants to book seats. How to ensure that no more than the agreed number of employees show up at once?
  • Operation. Think through the workflows that will enable you to offer this new product. What could the contract terms be? How will you grant access to the physical space? How will you incorporate the new tenants into your community?
  • Marketing. Put together a marketing plan. How can potential customers find out about your new product?
  • Sales. Start your sales outreach by contacting all potential customers.

How to Organize Desk Booking for a Super Flex Office

Use your coworking space software to organize desk booking for your office tenants. It wouldn’t come off as a big surprise that in this article we use Spacebring coworking space software as a reference.

The first step is to ensure that all desks are on the system, both open space as well as those inside offices. It’s very important to have both together, as companies may need to use more seats, so they can pay for an open space desk.

Desks in private offices and in the open space displayed on Spacebring coworking space app

Second, it’s setting up access permissions. Only employees of Company X can see desks inside the office of Company X. Usually, desks inside an office are available for free, but open space costs money.

Last, set up payments. Enable a credit system for desks, giving tenant companies the freedom to spend their credits on either rooms, desks, or services on your app. Company Invoice is also helpful to allow company members to book now and pay later through a single bill.

Free and paid desks displayed on Spacebring coworking space management app

Benefits of Super Flex Workspace

There are numerous benefits to the super flex office model.

  1. You can offer customers what they need — on-demand workspace for a hybrid workforce. Post-COVID, company customers need a super flex workspace where they can visit in turns.
  2. You can build a more powerful community with twice or thrice more members by engaging the entire hybrid workforce of your tenant companies. More people, more diversity, and opinions to participate in your community.
  3. You can create new revenue streams by offering new workspace products and upselling customers through your app. Once they’ve downloaded your app for booking seats inside their office, they immediately access your rooms, partner benefits, Feed community feed, events, and more. As your customers grow and thrive at your space, they can pay extra for meeting rooms, desks in open spaces, and add-on services.
  4. Unlocking the possibility to lease offices to wider audiences, you can utilize the office space better. Suddenly, that 10-desk office can be sold to companies with much larger numbers of employees.
  5. Considering that you can use your existing coworking software to organize desk booking for company tenants, this new product is possible with no considerable investment. For example, Spacebring subscription plan includes unlimited desks and users, allowing you to add as many company employees as you need.

How to Get Started

Talk to us. Seriously, we’re happy to share our experience with your team and show how a super flex office could work for you. Schedule a demo call with us or drop an email to

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