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Creating Stellar Member Support in Your Coworking Space

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Creating Stellar Member Support in Your Coworking Space

Coworking business is not the easiest one to run. You need to show your hospitality and care to members all the time because your profit depends on how happy your customers are.

I am sure your administrators are well-trained and know how to manage the community. Your next step is to equip them with proper technology that will help to distribute the effort and time of your team in the most efficient way.

There are two ways to organize first-class member support at your coworking space with the help of technology. You can either choose a third-party system and integrate it with your main coworking space platform or use in-app member support capabilities.

We have already discussed the first option (choosing a third-party tool for member support) on our blog, now let’s overview the key features and benefits of Member Support built into your main coworking software on Spacebring example.

One App for All Your Customer Happiness Needs

When you choose a management app for your flexible workspace, you want it to include all tools required for operating your business. And surely it’s a huge benefit if it offers Member Support along with other community-focused solutions (such as visitor check-in, events showcase, etc.)

First of all, you don’t have to pay any extra money for a separate support chat app. Besides, you don’t have to think about how to integrate it with your main system. You get a comprehensive toolset to put administrators on top of every issue at your coworking space right out of the box, so nothing prevents you from improving your service for members from day one.

On the other hand, your members get everything they need to enjoy their memberships inside their favorite apps. Reporting an issue or sharing feedback to an administrator becomes as easy as tapping the Support button on the home page of the mobile or web app they use for bookings.

Spacebring support system for coworking spaces  - easy way for members to report issues and share feedback

The Best Support for Your Members

As I have already mentioned above, with Spacebring built-in Member Support system, your residents get a simple way to report their issues to administrators straight from the apps. But this is not the only benefit you give them.

For each issue, the system creates a ticket visible both for members and administrators. Members see all query details including the name of the assigned administrator and all the ticket activity in real-time. This way residents can effortlessly track their queries on their ways to resolutions.

Besides, community members get push notifications with updates on their tickets, which helps to see the progress instantly.

All the above makes the entire process open and transparent, which makes a positive impression on the workspace community.

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A Single Inbox for All Incoming Queries

Now, when we discussed the key benefits of in-app Spacebring Member Support for residents, let’s see how it makes admins’ lives easier.

All customers’ queries come in a single inbox where they are organized by date, type (e.g.: cleaning, printing, Internet, etc.), and status (e.g.: new, in progress, solved, closed).

Spacebring support system for coworking spaces - support page with a list of tickets organized by type, status, date, assignee & ticket details page with activity.

Such detailed queries history and categorization allows managers to get on top of it all. They always have a big picture of all the problems workspace members are experiencing at the moment. Admins easily prioritize the most urgent queries, assign relevant people to the tickets, and choose the best approaches and the fastest solutions for each particular case at a glance.

Faster Response

Nobody likes to wait for the support manager’s response for hours. Ideally, the average first response time for chats should be about 30 seconds or less. You will easily reach this index with real-time push notifications sent by the system immediately at the new query creation.

There is no need for a workspace admin to check out support chat all the time or keep close to the desk in fear of missing the next issue report. Spacebring Member Support system will notify the person in charge about the problem with a brief in-app message coming on their smartphone.

Spacebring support system for coworking spaces - push notifications coming on admin's smartphone at query submission.

These timely updates help managers respond to customers immediately and start resolving their issues without delays, which leads to faster tickets processing and closing to everyone’s satisfaction.

Issue Analytics

Even top coworking brands can’t guarantee their members from paper jams in printers, slow WiFi at times, or lack of soap in the dispensers. However, you can analyze typical problems, identify the repeated ones, and minimize their frequency.

Spacebring Analytics page will help you deeply understand members’ issues as well as clients’ satisfaction with your solutions, which will eventually make the quality of your support top-notch and elevate member experience at your flexible workspace.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the main benefits Spacebring Member Support feature brings your coworking space. Let’s make a quick recap of the key points to conclude everything said above.

  • This built-in functionality will help you provide timely support to your customers and resolve all their issues really fast.
  • You don’t need any paid third-party technology to keep your customer support organized. Spacebring nailed it for you without any additional charges: all submitted members’ queries are properly tagged and classified, so your team can easily tackle them.
  • You don’t need any special training to become an outstanding support manager. Member Support solution from Spacebring inherits clean and minimal interface of the main app. The design of the support system is so intuitive that your team will start to use it immediately worry-free.

Do you want to learn more about how Spacebring solutions can address your unique pains? Schedule a demo call with us!

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