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Benefits of Social Wall at a Coworking Space

Reina Jones
Benefits of Social Wall at a Coworking Space

Think about sharing your workspace with new people working for different organizations, sharing experiences, and learning about new products. It not only sounds interesting but it's fun to work with new work-cultures existing in one place.

This is what coworking space means. It’s a shared premise where a diverse group of remote workers with unique skill sets works together at a neutral place on different projects working for different organizations. It gives the co-workers a sense of community, flexibility and provides opportunities to engage in networking.

Well, to take it a notch high, companies are investing in methods to promote their services and increasing awareness about how coworking spaces can maintain a smooth flow of communication, be more digitized and fun.

One way is to display social walls in the meeting rooms, office floors, lobby areas, restrooms, and refreshment areas. Now, what is the social wall, and how these can be an important tool for the brands running coworking spaces? Let’s get an understanding on the matter.

Social Wall

Social walls are the marketing weapon that brands use to entice the users, maximize their engagement with their brand and create a social buzz in the market. In addition to that, it helps the brand to generate conversions and attract new users.

social wall at a coworking space - example

But why is it termed as ‘social media walls’? Because these social walls are curated by aggregating feeds obtained from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Let’s say, social walls can be displayed for an ongoing event like the opening of a new coworking office by organizing a hashtag campaign or using it in your lobby area can be a great move to initiate conversations between co-workers and increase the awareness of your brand.

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Benefits of Social Wall at a  Coworking Space

1. Interaction Among Coworkers With the Brand

What makes you feel comfortable about the brand and its product? When a user sees for themself how other users are reciprocating towards the brand, they get an idea about the experiences they had with the product.

Social media walls are used for the same purpose to sell the product without advertising in a direct manner but by letting the users know about the customer experiences through displaying user-generated content.

social wall at a coworking space - user-generated content

Adding social media walls at a coworking space, you can make important announcements like a product launch or live events digitally to all the employees without any hassle.

Brands can organize hashtag campaigns, using which the feeds can be aggregated from its various social media platforms and can be displayed on the social media wall. This keeps the coworkers up-to-date with the latest happenings of the brand and it also engages them with their daily activities.

2. Increasing Awareness Through Digital Presence

For a brand, it is important to create its social presence that can give out an impression that the brand has an enormous social reach. The audience can use the branded hashtags and use them in their content, which can be then used by the brand to display the feed on social walls.

Furthermore, to showcase an authentic user experience, the brand can also display video testimonials from customers within the social wall. These video testimonials can provide a real-life example of how customers connect with your product and services, offering an unfiltered depiction of customer satisfaction. This element of transparency is highly appreciated by the audience, enhancing your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

The brand can create the social buzz and involves the coworkers with your space. This proves to be the best way to promote your brand naturally. As the social media buzz increases, more people will be engaged with your brand.

3. Important Advertisement Without Sending Mail

Sending emails about any important activities like organizing surveys, workshops, contests or to provide any feedback, brands can display them on the social wall in all the areas of a coworking space.

This will maintain the flow of communication between the workers as they will not be personally notified, rather they will collectively be engaged.

4. Increment in Revenue Through Conversions

The reason social walls are used for marketing purposes is that users believe in what they see and they find it genuine. This is why they prefer referring to user-generated content before buying anything online. This builds the faith of the users in the brand and their purchasing decision is triggered.

social media wall at a coworking space

While working in a space where employees from different organizations sit and work together, it is difficult for a brand to keep the employees engaged. We have already understood that creating social buzz and encouraging the workers to be active through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will help them to interact with the brand.

The brand can organize an activity that prompts the coworkers to share their experiences of working in their offices through an image or a video by tagging you in their post.

Then you can reshare the user-generated content on the social media wall and display how other employees feel about your working space. It makes the coworkers feel valued, heard and in addition to that, other companies would know about your product’s value and how it feels to be a user of your brand. It can lead to a better B2B customer experience and can generate revenue for the brand.

Final Words

In the era of digitization, the brand can take advantage of marketing tools like social media walls to empower their user-engagement and social presence. Displaying information using user-generated content in the form of graphics, images, and videos aggregated from various social media platforms at a coworking space will encourage the workers to closely interact with your brand.

It will also give a boost to internal as well as external communication at the coworking space.

So if you are running a coworking space and want to make the audience aware of your brand and its features, then optimize the user-generated content and curate a social media wall with it.

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The article was written by Reina Jones. Reina is a freelance digital marketer and has a keen interest in User-generated content and its related aspects. As UGC is the next market play, curating and using it in a right way is the key to success. Knowledge is important but execution defines how wisely you use the knowledge.

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