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Spacebring: Your Coworking Sidekick! 5 Reasons We Rule the Software Game

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Spacebring: Your Coworking Sidekick! 5 Reasons We Rule the Software Game

If you have landed on this page, you are probably on the horns of a dilemma. The more systems for managing a coworking space you consider, the harder it is to pick the perfect option. Indeed, it’s so easy to get lost in myriads of similar features vendors try to lure you with.

It would be way simpler if each vendor had a list of the top 5 solutions that are absolutely unique for the product. Spacebring is about simplicity, so we have such a list for your convenience.

Here it goes!

1. Quick & Easy Mobile Bookings for Non-members

Desk and room bookings are among the most frequent activities at shared workspaces. Of course, managers want to make them automated for administrators and effortless for members. To match the requirement, most of the coworking space platforms offer a built-in desk and room booking systems that allow admins to feature the amenities on-site and members book and pay for them in-app without contacting the above-mentioned admins.

Sounds great, but most of the flexible spaces can’t boast 100% occupancy, which means you always have empty desks/rooms to sell to external customers. However, if you want your external bookings to be the same convenient, automated, and worry-free as internal ones, you need Spacebring “public bookings” functionality.

City Space app booking system developed by Spacebring

CitySpace coworking space software developed by Spacebring

Here’s how it works.

You just make the amenities you want to sell externally “available to the general public” on the app, and anyone who downloaded your app from App Store or Google Play can book your rooms and desks from their smartphone. Non-members pay for their bookings with banking cards in-app, and you just watch your revenue grow. What’s more, you get a steady stream of potential members walking through the door.

Side note: How can you ensure that your app is user-friendly enough for external customers to use for booking? Our research indicates that 95% of members book rooms on independently, without requiring assistance from administrators. This high level of self-sufficiency is a testament to the smooth and intuitive booking experience provided by Spacebring.

“We have already received dozens of external bookings, and this is usually just the beginning of the cooperation—the first booking opens a new relationship with our customers, who often become our regular users. Thus, the real impact of Spacebring platform on our business is far greater than the number of bookings alone would indicate. Spacebring was and still is, a catalyst for CitySpace growth, and we are very happy with our choice.”Jakub Bawoł, Marketing Manager at CitySpace

2. Low-Cost In-App ACH, SEPA, Becs, Bacs, PAD and Boleto Payments

Invoicing members and collecting payments is a huge challenge for every coworking space. Most if not all workspace management platforms address it by providing built-in billing systems that streamline the process. These systems generate invoices automatically, and administrators send them to members on the agreed dates. Members get these invoices in-app and pay them with credit cards.

Side note: Invoicing automation considerably speeds up the process. For instance, on Spacebring, it takes only 8 seconds on average until the invoice is paid.

Unfortunately, members’ bank cards expire regularly and return failed payment messages. You have to wait for your money till a member settles the problem and completes the payment, which is frustrating. Transaction fees for card payments don’t make you happy as well. Sometimes they go as high as 5%!

"By connecting direct debit to our app, we can offer our customers more flexibility in paying the subscription. Moreover, the system of accepting payments is totally automated, which saves time for administrators at no processing fee charged by Spacebring. For members, it's pure joy to pay seamlessly through their favorite app."Kate Moras, Co-founder of HUSTLE

Billing members’ accounts directly (direct debit) at specified dates not only solves the above problems but makes payments even more convenient for tenants and effortless for administrators. The feature available on Spacebring at no extra charge makes billing at a coworking space 100% automated, safe, fast, and inexpensive. With Spacebring-Stripe integration, direct debit payments are available to coworking spaces over the globe: in the US (ACH), Eurozone (SEPA), the UK (Bacs), Australia (Becs), Canada (PAD), and Brazil (Boleto).

Built in direct debit payments on Spacebring coworking space software

Automated invoicing system on Spacebring with the possibility to accept direct debit payment

3. Credits as a Universal "Currency" at Your Coworking Space

Many coworking spaces use credits as an advanced version of free meeting room hours. For instance, depending on their plans, each month members get a certain number of credits on their accounts. They can use these credits (free hours) to book meeting rooms in-app when needed.

This is a fun, easy-to-understand practice that offers greater flexibility to differentiate meeting rooms. It also helps to reduce abandoned bookings and increase members’ appreciation of the provided services.

However, the credit system on Spacebring is much smarter than that. It turns credits into a universal "currency" that can be spent on any service or product you offer. For instance, members can buy event tickets or any items sold in your shop and pay with pre-purchased credits instead of money.

LAMB app, credit system developed by Spacebring coworking space software

Credit system on Spacebring app at LAMB

Such universal usage of credits makes a huge difference. It helps you upsell customers way easier as instead of parting with cash or pulling out their credit card, they just choose credits as a payment method to get the desired service. Instead of paying $20 for a workshop that will teach them a new skill, they just pay 2 credits that they can’t use anywhere else.

If a member runs out of credits, they can buy a credit bundle right in your app, which gives you additional revenue. Using credits instead of money is very convenient for tenant company managers as well. They don't have to share corporate credit card details with all team members. They can just purchase credits and share them with the team instead.

Furthermore, you can reward members for some achievements with the help of credits. For example, at LAMB anti-burnout space members get credits for working out healthy habits, such as attending the gym three times a week.

In other words, our universal approach to credits gives you one more powerful instrument to change members’ behavior, engage and retain them.

Schedule a personal demo to discover how Spacebring could benefit your shared space business

4. The Power to Unlock Doors With Web and Mobile Apps

Flexible workspaces take the safety of their customers seriously. They partner with access control companies and mount smart locks on their doors to ensure that only authorized people can enter.

Members use plastic cards, mobile phones, or even biometrics to enter the space. Mobile phone as touchless door unlock is preferable because current people always have their smartphones with them, they never share the gadget with strangers and rarely lose it.

To unlock the door of a shared workspace, a customer usually has to download an app from a smart lock vendor, which means they need two apps to use your workspace—one to get your services, and another to open your doors.

Modern people have plenty of apps for different purposes on their smartphones, but they are extremely reluctant to download one more app that does nothing else but open doors.

If this is the case, Spacebring has got you covered. Your customers will need only one app (your main app) for all their needs including door unlock. Our deep and powerful integration with Kisi access control system allows paying members open doors at your coworking space right from your app on their smartphones or laptops if the latter is more convenient.

In-app door unlock on Spacebring coworking space software

In-app door unlock on Spacebring with powerful Spacebring-Kisi integration

5. Freedom and Mobility Both for Members and Admins

Having mobile apps for members is a must for customer-centric coworking spaces, and most software vendors offer the product in some form or another. These apps immediately put workspace services in front of members. They can book rooms and desks, communicate with peers, browse events, and more on the go.

This is really cool but what about admins? Don’t they deserve to enjoy the same freedom?

Spacebring approach restores justice. We provide a single app for both admins and members. The difference is in the permission levels. This is very convenient as the app features the same interface and admins clearly understand and easily answer members’ questions as to its functionality.

Mobile apps include the full scope of administration tools, so the community manager doesn’t have to stay at the desk to assign plans to new members, check the due bills, review business health stats, and so on.

Coworking is about flexibility and Spacebring meets this requirement 100%

Over to You

If you're in need of coworking space software that can truly take your business to the next level, you've come to the right place. At Spacebring, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients, with an average support response time of just two minutes. Our user-friendly platform allows you to go live with your web app in just one hour after sign-up. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our 4.9 /5 customer rating on Capterra and our 4.9 /5 average rating on the Apple App Store.

With over 100,000 satisfied users and over 300 coworking spaces in 40+ countries, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help your business thrive. We've been in the industry for five years now and have continued to update and improve our platform with features that set us apart from the competition. These features include our in-app events management system, member support and ticketing, visitor management, and analytics, among others.

We're always working to provide the best possible experience for both members and administrators alike. Hundreds of coworking spaces worldwide choose Spacebring, and we invite you to join our elite club. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our product expert today to discover all the ways Spacebring can help your business succeed.

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