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How to Create the Best Banners, Flyers & Posters to Promote Coworking Space Events

Hermit Chawla
How to Create the Best Banners, Flyers & Posters to Promote Coworking Space Events

As we all know, the conventional office space requires different members of the company to work together. They are obligated to do so by contract. However, in recent times, the idea of a coworking culture has been hitting the market. Broadly speaking, it refers to space where strangers work side-by-side without being duty-bound to the same company. It represents an office environment that thrives on collaboration.

Events at a Coworking Space

In this intense competitive market, a coworking space is a new movement that is increasingly being adopted by all, starting from freelancers to big corporate organizations. Coworking spaces involve a dynamic culture where investors and clients are brought in to stand out from the rest.

One of the standard practices to enlarge the community is to organize eye-catching events at coworking spaces. Awesome event graphics companies and event management firms are hired to turn these events into an attractive element for members to escape from a monotonous work routine.

Coworking is gradually turning into a global affair that is sustainable, technology-driven, and intersectional. Events are planned in a flexible fashion to help a community of people bond and engage.

However, planning a booming event and putting it into effect is not a simple task. It requires the host to take a number of factors into consideration like the ambiance, the food, and the music. The atmosphere needs to be appealing to the members attending the event.

However, planning a booming event and putting it into effect is not a simple task—especially during a global pandemic.It requires the host to take a number of factors into consideration like the ambiance, the food, and the music. The atmosphere needs to be appealing to the members attending the event. You may even need to consider crowd control measures such as queuing systems if it's a large event that you're hosting and you need to abide by social distancing rules.

As a result, the very first step towards catching the attention of people is to create a good banner or poster that promotes the true vibe of the event. This can be easily done with the help of a professional awesome event graphic company that can design the perfect poster for the event.

Posters can also be designed in-house. A few important points need to be kept in mind when curating the banners and posters. Not to worry! We are here to guide you through the process. Before jumping into the detailed instructions, let us take a quick look into the reasons why hosting events at a coworking space is considered such an amazing idea.

flyer design to promote events at a coworking space
  • Welcoming communities

The setting of a coworking environment reflects comfort. The design of coworking spaces is such that it is amenable to fit various requirements. Therefore, hosting events become less complicated as there is no need for hunting for a separate venue for the event. Moreover, coworking spaces help build a strong and creative community of entrepreneurs and investors. This also enhances opportunities, networking and increases your chances to learn.

  • Rewarding

Events at coworking spaces are known to bring together professionals and aspirants from different sectors of the economy. Individual members can reap quality benefits from such a varied exposure. Channeling capital, building network, professional growth — a lot can be done here. Skill workshops and business-oriented discussions are examples of events that have proved to be quite powerful and popular.

  • Energetic environment

Coworking spaces are filled with meaningful and inspiring conversations that generate energy among the varied members. People are continuously hanging out together and connecting that enriches the atmosphere of the event with ease and warmth.

  • Equipped setting

Coworking spaces are convenient solutions to host events because they are well equipped with the amenities and requirements of any good event. Whiteboard, projector, seating arrangements, internet connectivity, and storage space-name anything and your needs are available. Managers are perfectly accustomed to help you run the event smoothly.

  • Addition to brand value

Organizing events at coworking spaces is a great way to build the brand image for both startups and big networks. Programs related to corporate social responsibilities like environmental awareness and mental health importance help add valuable worth to the coworking community space.

  • Event promotion

In addition to a comfortable and often informal event experience, coworking spaces are significant collaborative options for promoting events to a large number of people. Since a coworking environment supports huge networking, events can be easily advertised in-app, through online announcements, newsletters, and social media to stimulate membership, connectivity, and creative energy.

Coworking spaces are the perfect answer for hosting a variety of events with contemporary settings, business amenities, and much more.

For effective event advertising, we shall proceed towards the basic outline and requirements for designing quality and successful flyers, banners, and posters.

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Step-by-step Instructions for Creating the Best Banners, Flyers, or Posters

Posters and banners can be curated with efficacy if you follow a few necessary steps and practice. Flyers and posters are great methods to advertise, promote and generate awareness for any project. A good banner can create a powerful and long-lasting impact on the minds of the people. Thanks to technological advancements, designing flyers and banners is not a challenging task. With the help of various design tools, you can create your own flyer or banner in no time.

poster design for coworking space events promotion

1. Decide on the Goal Objective

The first step before getting started with the banner or poster design and graphics, it is of utmost importance to identify the objective that you are looking to achieve. Make clear notes on the kind of event you are looking forward to promote. The message must also be very specific for the audience to realize its significance. It is important to follow this step first for a strategic and accurate poster design.

2. Identify your Target Audience

The next essential step is to decide whom you want to convey the message to. Whether you are trying to reach the youth, the professional or the older generation, the statement messages must be comprehensive and reach the target audience. Make sure the message is not too overwhelming and understandable to the audience so they are interested to know more about it.

3. Banner/Poster Location

It is very important to focus on the location for displaying the banner. Depending on the location, the color and design of the same can be decided upon. It would be a waste if the poster is designed but it ends up being a misfit against the display backdrop. Instead of a printout, the poster can also be digitally shared on different social networking platforms.

4. Banner/Poster/Flyer Size

The sizes are different when it comes to a banner, flyer, or poster. Depending on what you want to use to promote your event, choose the size that fits your requirements before starting off with the design. For a large banner, it requires professional machinery to get them printed. On the other hand, in the case of a standard poster or flyer, one can easily print it using a good quality printing paper ranging from A1 TO A15. Format and optimize the size of the flyer or poster as per your needs.

5. Design Concept

We finally arrive at the step where it is all about planning, designing, and fabricating the poster, banner, or flyer idea. The primary features of a successful banner involve the following:

  • Single comprehensive message
  • Readable text
  • Relevant image
  • Optimum color choice
  • Background
  • Layout
  • A very short subtext

The first step at this stage is to draw up some ideas and let your imagination flow. Do not worry about your flyer or poster looking perfect at this point. Think of a headline that suits your overall objective for the event. Then try to formulate a very small message that shall help the audience understand what the event is going to be all about. Do not fixate on the neatness of the ideas yet.

Keep brainstorming with words and phrases and don’t yet criticize yourself. Keeping in mind the nature of the theme and the size of the banner, flyer or poster, try to organize the text elements within the space available.

This process may take a few days. Make sure to start with time in hand so that you do not need to rush yourself. Give yourself the time to think and ponder and something amazing shall eventually strike you.

The message must be very precise. It must be a single message that appeals to the audience and clearly mentions the action to take for further information.

Remember to make the headline catchy enough for people viewing the advertisement to get hooked on the idea. State facts or make points with few strong statements instead of rattling on for too long. This can easily make the viewers disinterested. Use subheadings and proper line-spacing to make the text easy on the eyes of the target audience.

The second step here is to choose the relevant images and graphics that complement the idea of the event and the design of the poster really well. Generally, graphical representations are considered to create an impact stronger than textual information and messages. According to professional psychologists, people tend to focus on the print advertisement with very little attention to the headline or the text. It is, therefore, very important to pay attention when choosing the images for representation.

Depending on the cost and expense, one can opt for pictures or original artworks when choosing the images for their banner or poster. Abstract designs and calligraphy can also be used to make the design more effective.

Color is another very significant aspect when it comes to designing the banner, flyer, or poster. Color Psychology highlights that bright colors are interest viewers the most.

You can also make a QR code that links to your event website or registration page to provide convenient access to more information for interested individuals and place it on your flyer.

6. Effective layout

A well-balanced layout marks the completion of the design. Prioritize spacing and if you already create a logo, make sure the logo and name of the company are optimally positioned and visible prominently. The CTA or call to action button must also be visible enough to enable the audience to take an action.

7. Feedback

Before releasing the flyer, banner, or poster, it can be helpful to get some honest feedback from different people work accordingly on the changes needed.

8. Distribute the Flyer/Poster/Banner

Now that the final product is ready, you can release it either on social media platforms or email them or get them printed for distribution or opt for both mediums.

A Final Note

Designing a banner or poster to promote an event at a coworking space can be done following the above steps.  Make sure to keep it simple yet colorful for the viewers to be attracted. Make the text readable and try to avoid visual clutter. Posters or flyers are an outstanding method to promote events and convey messages. While an awesome event graphic company can offer to design the event banner in a professional manner, individuals can also fabricate posters themselves.

Still have questions on coworking space events organization, management, and promotion? Read about awesome tools that will help you cope with all the above no sweat: Top 7 Event Management & Scheduling Tools for Coworking Spaces.

The article was written by Hermit Chawla, a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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