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13 Reasons Why Your Coworking Website Needs A 'Click-to-Call' Button

Grace Lau
Grace Lau
13 Reasons Why Your Coworking Website Needs A 'Click-to-Call' Button

Is your coworking website missing out on an important feature that could help bring in more business? With over 40,000 coworking spaces globally you need to use every tool you have to show remote workers that your space is the one for them. Adding a click-to-call button to your website could make all the difference.

The ability to connect with potential customers quickly and easily can enhance the overall user experience and help keep your business running smoothly. In this article, we will discuss why having a click-to-call button on your website is so important and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Rock-Solid Reasons Why Your Coworking Website Needs a Click-to-Call Button

With the increase in in-person events like the developer World Congress, it’s clear that tech innovation and discussion are on the rise. That makes it crucial for coworking spaces to keep up with the latest tools to help them better serve their customers.

One such tool is the click-to-call button, which allows website visitors to connect with you effortlessly via voice or video call. There are many reasons why having one of these buttons on your coworking website is beneficial and why you should take advantage of this opportunity.

A click-to-call button is just one of many types of call-to-action examples that may feature on a website, such as invitations to ‘buy,’ ‘donate,’ ‘download,’ or ‘learn more.’ The emphasis with a click-to-call button is to make communication as easy as possible for customers. Here are some rock-solid reasons why your coworking website can't miss having a click-to-call button:

1. It enhances communication

A click-to-call button allows users to connect with you or someone from your team without needing to search for contact information. This feature makes communication between customers, clients, and business owners smoother and more efficient.

For example, they may have a question about your facilities or how far in advance they need to reserve a space. With this tool, customers can get their questions answered promptly and increase the overall satisfaction of doing business with you. Furthermore, when implementing such communication tools, it's essential to be mindful of TCPA compliance. It helps maintain a positive customer experience and avoids potential legal issues.

2. It improves customer service

Having a click-to-call button on your website makes it much easier for customers to get their questions answered in real time. This eliminates the need for them to wait for an email response and provides more immediate feedback that can help improve customer service overall.

This is especially useful as you may have digital nomads who urgently need a space to hold a videoconference or a strong wifi connection.

There are 10.9 million digital nomads in the US alone who could be potential users of your space.

If they receive an instant response, they will be more likely to choose your space rather than go to a competitor.

3. It saves time

A click-to-call button simplifies connecting with customers or clients, saving administrator time and effort in finding someone's contact information. Instead, they can connect with them directly from the website to answer questions about rates and opening hours.

Save time with click-to-call button on your coworking website

This feature could save coworking space managers valuable time that they can use to focus on other aspects of their business. Additionally, since communications are real-time, customers don't have to wait for an email response.

4. It increases the reach

A click-to-call button on your coworking website can increase its reach by providing customers or clients with an easy way to contact you from anywhere. You may have remote workers contacting you from another city or country who need to get in touch about a space to work.

This feature makes it easier for people to connect with your business and can help drive more traffic to your website. Not only does this increase the chances of turning visitors into paying customers, but it can also help to build brand recognition and trust. Those workers who popped in once to get some work done may end up becoming regulars.

Additionally, having a click-to-call button may give your website an edge over competitors who don't have this feature on their site.

5. It builds trust

Adding a click-to-call button to your website can help build trust with customers and clients by showing that you are easily accessible and willing to answer their questions. This feature also demonstrates that you value their time, which is essential for establishing a solid relationship with them.

Also, a click-to-call button can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with an immediate response to any queries they might have about networking events you might run or printing facilities. This can increase loyalty and repeat business for your coworking website.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

6. Click-to-call buttons are global

Click-to-call buttons are not only useful for coworking spaces located within the same geographic region, but they also serve as a valuable tool for businesses that operate globally. Because this feature uses cloud contact center software, it is easy for customers or clients to connect from anywhere in the world.

This is especially useful for those aforementioned digital nomads and people who often travel and may want to book a workspace before they arrive in your country. A click-to-call button also eliminates the need to dial long international phone numbers, making it easier for remote workers to reach out.

7. Increased user engagement

A click-to-call button on your website can increase user engagement by making it easier for people to connect with you. This feature helps streamline the communication process, allowing users to reach out quickly and easily if they have a question or need assistance from your team.

This can be especially valuable for remote workers in different time zones, as they can connect with your team at their convenience. Additionally, by providing a click-to-call button on your website, you create an opportunity for the customer to ask questions and get personal attention from your team, which may lead to increased sales or conversions.

8. Improves the efficiency of your website

Having a click-to-call button on your website can also help improve the overall efficiency of your site. This feature allows remote workers to connect with you quickly and easily, which eliminates time spent searching for contact information. With a click-to-call button, customers or clients can quickly connect with you to answer their queries or receive the needed services.

9. Minimizes a website's bounce rate

A click-to-call button on your website can also help minimize its bounce rate. As remote workers looking to book a workspace or make a query can receive a direct response, they are less likely to leave your site before making contact.

This is especially true as 12% of customers expect a response from a business within 15 minutes or less.

It also helps build trust with the visitor, giving the impression that you are readily available for any inquiries. As many remote workers are not tied to the usual 9-5, adding flexibility to your contact will only boost the chance that they’ll make a booking.

10. Enhances customer satisfaction

One significant benefit of having a click-to-call button on your website is that it can enhance customer satisfaction. This feature makes it easy for customers or clients to get in touch with your team quickly and easily, ensuring that their questions or concerns are addressed promptly.

Happy coworking space member

In addition, click-to-call buttons can also be used to increase customer engagement. By providing an easy and convenient way for customers to get in touch with your team, you will likely see more inquiries and a higher level of user interaction.

11. It’s cost-effective

Click-to-call buttons are relatively inexpensive and can provide a great return on investment. Hire Python developers to implement this feature, and once added, it will require very little maintenance, effectively improve customer service, and increase user engagement. This results in more paying customers, reduced churn, and therefore increased profits.

12. Helpful in collecting data

Having a click-to-call button on your website can also help collect data that can be used to improve the efficiency of the call center systems you’re using for your coworking space. The data can also be used to improve customer service, optimize marketing campaigns, and track interactions with members using your space.

This feature provides valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, which is helpful for coworking spaces looking to refine their strategies and make better decisions. Additionally, this data can be used to customize the customer experience and develop targeted marketing strategies.

13. Provides a better way to co-browse

A click-to-call button is also an effective way to provide co-browsing support. This feature lets customers or clients connect with your team directly from the website, allowing them to share their screens and collaborate in real-time. This can be far more efficient than explaining something over a voice call.

Perhaps a remote worker isn’t sure of the correct way to make a reservation or has specific requests they aren’t sure how to include in their booking. By using co-browse your team can guide them through the process to reach a successful outcome and secure a booking


Click-to-call buttons can be an invaluable tool for coworking spaces looking to improve customer service and increase engagement with website visitors.

From reducing costs to collecting valuable data and providing co-browsing support, this feature offers a range of benefits that can help businesses better serve their customers. You can quickly build customer trust and satisfaction by providing an easy way for customers to connect with your team. Ultimately, click-to-call buttons are an effective way to improve customer service and expand the reach of your business.

If that hasn’t convinced you, the facts back it up. The global market for click-to-call solutions is expected to grow to $47.2 trillion by 2027. But the practice is still not universal, making it an impressive feature for your website.

The article was written by Grace Lau, the Director of Growth Content at Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communication platform for better and easier team collaboration. She has over 10 years of experience in content writing and strategy. Currently, she is responsible for leading branded and editorial content strategies, partnering with SEO and Ops teams to build and nurture content like this Dialpad guide to CX trends. Grace has also written for other domains such as Apollo Technical and Leadfeeder. Here is her LinkedIn.

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