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The 2022 Year in Review

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
The 2022 Year in Review

andcards is the fastest-improving coworking space platform out there. Each year we release hundreds of new features and integrations that help flex spaces in over 40 countries worldwide succeed and innovate.

Our fast-paced team has finished 2022 with a bang, debuting an array of remarkable new product benefits to give thousands of members and administrators excellent solutions to coworking space challenges.

Genuinely, 2022 has been one massive leap forward for andcards, with

  • 95% of members booking rooms without the administrator’s help,
  • 31 years, 16 days, 20 meeting room hours booked,
  • and 39,000 seats booked.

These numbers alone are enough to make anyone wish for time travel, which is exactly what we invite you to do. Let’s take a look at the most outstanding achievements of our team that would never be possible without our valued clients that motivate and energize us.

2023 promises even more incredible surprises because we're never done when it comes to improving your experience with our product!

Infographic: 2022 year on andcards in review

Top 10 Things We Are Most Proud of in 2022

1. andcards Is the Best Value Coworking Space Platform

andcards has been honored with the Best Value Coworking Software award from Coworking Resources. We're really proud that our product exceeds customers' expectations and provides excellent value for money.

From our standpoint, providing the best value means putting the customer on top of it all.

Seriously, it is not enough for us to just include a standard set of solutions, such as space booking, invoicing, membership plans, support, and analytics, that simplify coworking space administration.

It’s our choice to walk the extra mile and provide a whole lot of advanced features that will surely make your members happy and loyal.

For instance:

  • Gorgeous and intuitive members’ apps that make all your services instantly available to customers.
  • Collaborative community features that help you build community and loyalty to your brand, such as corporate newsfeed, one-on-one chats, events showcase, and visitor management system.
  • Contactless door access, passwordless Wi-Fi login, cloud printing, and more incredible functionalities that make a deep impression on customers and make them choose your space and not the competitor.

Furthermore, we are happy to give each customer, no matter the plan, a ton of extra value for free:

  • 24/7 lightning-fast and extremely helpful chat support.
  • Extensive onboarding training.
  • Regular educational webinars uncovering the newly developed product features and teaching how to use them to your advantage.
  • A dedicated account manager who is always there for you to discuss and resolve any issues should you encounter them.

In a word, coworking operators don't have to choose between excellent service or cost savings. They just get both with our impressive software package, moreover that we are full of new awesome ideas on how to give you even more value for your buck in 2023!

2. Next-Generation App Usability for External Customers

What's in common between Airbnb, Eventbrite, Shopify, and andcards? People can discover rooms, events, and products immediately without logging in to the apps!

In 2022, our product engineers revamped the public visibility feature to expand marketing and lead-generation opportunities for coworking spaces.

Just imagine your app users discover rooms, desks, events, products, and even newsfeed, without any barriers. All while preserving your members' privacy and keeping you in control of what’s public.

Users must sign in if they go ahead with a purchase. But still, discovering your services through App Store or Google Play could not be easier!

3. Unified Analytics Dashboard

Analytics on andcards got a huge revamp in June 2022 and became available on mobile.

We added:

  • A real-time dashboard with essential KPIs.
  • New data points and interactive charts.
  • Deeper revenue analytics.

All these visual and comprehensive charts dynamically resize with a window and are conveniently arranged by category.

Side note: For coworking space operators that prefer to combine built-in analytics with Google’s toolset, we integrated next-gen Google Analytics 4 into our web and mobile apps. The integration lets administrators learn more about the customers by gathering data on their journeys, behavior, and demographics. The integration is totally free and requires zero setup.

4. Alternative Currencies

We understand how important it is for our customers to feel protected in times of global financial uncertainty. That’s why we added the feature of the multi-currency capability to our platform.

Now coworking operators don’t need to worry about currency fluctuations. They can index local currency pricing against a stable reference currency such as USD or EUR and let it auto-update using official trusted sources.

Also, they can:

  • select currency per customer,
  • pick out multiple additional currencies within the same location
  • and define an alternative currency at an individual member or company level.

All these means more flexibility when invoicing local customers and those registered abroad.

Operating locations in multiple countries with different currencies is really hassle-free with andcards as you do it all in the same app!

5. Location Guides

In 2022, we introduced an efficient way to inform your customers through guides.

  • Construct an info page with everything from parking instructions and pet policies to waste disposal tips.
  • Upload help videos & photos for visual aids that make the guidelines both comprehensive and visually appealing.

With guides available by default, even for non-members, you'll be helping everyone who calls your workspace home stay informed in style. But what’s even more important, Guides, acting similarly to any comprehensive Help Center, will significantly reduce the number of your support inquiries because people will easily find answers to their questions on the page.

6. Bank Debits

In 2022, we revolutionized the way you invoice members at coworking spaces. andcards has partnered up with Stripe to give all customers an easy, secure, and affordable method of accepting bank debit payments in-app.

ACH (US), SEPA (EU), Becs (Australia), and Bacs (UK) are ideal for processing larger sums of rent fees because Stripe charges a significantly lower processing fee compared to credit cards.

Best part? Enabling bank debits is as simple as flipping a switch. There's no additional cost on andcards side involved, saving your time and money at once!

7. Mercado Pago

Our customers in Latin AAmericagot a new payment method—Mercado Pago, the most popular payment gateway in the region.

In Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, our customers can accept payments for invoices, bookings, and shop. ¡Disfrute de pagos más rápidos y fáciles!

8. Notification Center

Say goodbye to being left out in the cold by having your user activities go unnoticed! Our new Notifications Center is here for you, providing a single inbox of essential user activity updates.

  • Keep tabs on invoices getting paid,
  • bookings pouring in or outside,
  • and customers stopping by.

Customize it all so nothing goes under the radar again. No more fear of missing an external booking customer suddenly showing up at 7 a.m.—get notified of any external bookings. No more piling up unpaid invoices—stay in the know if a customer failed to pay.

9. Chats & Coworking Community

Chat away! In 2022, you got the ability to message members, nonmembers, and other administrators right within your favorite coworking space app. Not only can you save time by using a single app to chat with members, but you can also unlock a whole new level of productivity by connecting with external bookers, event attendees, visitors, and virtually anyone using your app.

All while having total data ownership and safety of your correspondence history thanks to our encryption and strong security.

Have a chat-tastic day!

10. Two-Way Google Calendar Sync

Keep your calendar free from booking conflicts and easily sync with trusted booking aggregators like LiquidSpace. Now you won't have to wait anymore—external bookings will appear in a jiffy.

Schedule a personal demo to discover how Spacebring could benefit your shared space business

Other Worthy Platform Enhancements

  • Shop

Give your members and customers the convenience of shopping for all their on-demand needs with a few clicks! From food to merch, give them access to everything cool you offer through the Shop in your app—no stress or hassle. Plus, bonus points: generate new revenue while enhancing customer service at the same time!

  • Enhancements to Plans for Members & Admins

Let’s add more transparency to your relationships with members. We even designed a whole new page to help you with that. There, they will discover membership details and benefits along with the next payment date, pricing, and billing details.

For admins, we added a plans scheduling option, which means the admin can assign a plan for a future day. The feature gives managers more control over invoicing in their app.

  • Event Badges

Sold out, Last Chance, and Canceled—now your Events on andcards have these badges. A small but useful addition that allows customers quickly identify if the event is full, nearly full, or canceled and helps you create a sense of urgency around your events, which encourages more procrastinators to join.

  • Enhanced Community Table

In 2022, we pulled out all the stops to make andcards even easier for everyone. The Community table was packed with new features that made tenant information more transparent—like verifying default payment method for auto payments, getting a better understanding of memberships, and spotting what companies your members belong to. We also added extra details so you'd know exactly when the invoice will become ready for payment and charged straight.

  • Shareable Links to App Content

Promotion is always a challenge for coworking businesses and this small improvement can play a big role in addressing it. With a super handy "Share" button we’ve added, you and your members can access and spread information about rooms, newsfeed publications, events, and shop products like wildfire, both from desktop or mobile. Plus – only public posts will be visible with shared links outside for maximum security.

  • New Way to Invite Members

Instead of having just admins send out invitations to your app, company members can invite their coworkers with ease. But don't worry, every invitation request is still approved by an administrator for ultimate control over who's part of your coworking community. So sit back and relax while tenants handle inviting new team players in a snap—no admin time wasted here!

  • Attach Media to Support Tickets

Explaining issues can be complicated, but with Support's new photo and video attachments, you'll never have to worry about leaving anything out. Get ready for crystal clear communication—now your members won't just tell the story. They can show it too! And for support managers, this feature is sure to help simplify problem-solving by taking advantage of photos or videos that get straight to the heart of matters.

  • New Payments Page

With this update, goodbye to the days of manually entering customers’ payment info! Now your members and company managers can seamlessly add their card information for automatic payments themselves. So you can get back to what matters most: running a fantastic community without having manual tasks bogging down productivity. Plus, administrators now have more transparent payment tracking with a list of transactions and a link taking them directly to the customer's profile page in Stripe.

  • Convert Visitors into Customers

Keep your visitors engaged and delighted! Now, they can log in to the app in an instant using a magic link—no more tiresome passwords. Plus, with public visibility enabled on the app, it's easier than ever for them to explore all you have to offer: from event spaces and meeting rooms to desks or cafes, even through custom services & products—all at their fingertips. It’s a surefire way of boosting conversions too!

  • Multiple Invitees in Room Bookings

Our new feature enables tenants to add their fellow company members to the booking, and keeps all invitees in the loop with upcoming reminders and push notifications. The booker manages all of those pesky details like payments, edits, or cancellations without any assistance from the space admin side!

  • New Onboarding Experience & Hosted Terms & Privacy Policy

With this upgrade, users can easily view and accept your Privacy Policy before completing their account profiles, uploading mugshots, making visibility choices about personal info like emails, and more. Plus, you don't have to worry about keeping up with publishing new policies on your website. We've got it all handled right in your app, where you can paste your docs. Links for both Terms of Use & Privacy Policy will be available at Google Play and App Store.

  • New Look of Invoices and Receipts

Now, your invoices and receipts can help you stand out from the crowd. A professionally polished look, branded with your logo for easy recognition, ensures that all of your documents accurately represent the quality associated with your and your customers' businesses! And thanks to a more organized layout, which clearly delineates customer information from business details, everything is easier on their eyes too.

It's been a long, exciting journey in 2022 for andcards team. Together, we've managed to come out of it with an even better product and wider customer base. 2022 was another year in a row when we decided to focus on quality over quantity, and we believe this has positively impacted our customers' experience.

We are grateful for the support of our community and look forward to continuing to provide a cutting-edge coworking in a smartphone experience in the coming year. Thank you for being a part of the andcards family.

Not an andcards customer but ready to make the most of 2023 with us? Get your coworking business thriving today and book a free demo with our product expert to discuss your unique use case and determine if there’s a match! Here’s to bigger successes ahead.

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